Yoga of the Isle
Yoga of the Isle
Critical Alignment Yoga in Hobart, Tasmania

Critical Alignment: Intro class


Break up your weekly routine with this introductory class, tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the practitioners in the group.

The class will focus on release and strengthening, especially for the upper and lower back. The muscle memory and mental patterns that we learn can be applied to other methods of yoga and whatever sports or hobbies you're into. They are also useful for work (both in the office and on the tools) plus daily life, like chores around the house. We will use props unique to Critical Alignment, imported from the Netherlands.

Next season - Spring:

6:30 - 7:30am, Wednesdays, 21 November - 19 December 2018 (5 weeks) @ Hobart Breathing Space

Intro fee of $15/class, paid as $75 for the season

Open. Book now to save your space!


Critical Alignment Yoga: Advanced class


Critical Alignment Yoga applies the principles learned through restorative practice to the compound movements that are yoga poses. These more complex movements support transferring lessons to more specialised, high-powered activities like sport and manual labour.

Next season - Spring:

6:00 - 7:00pm, Mondays, 15 October - 17 December 2018 (10 weeks) @ Hobart Breathing Space

Fully booked. Enquire to leave your email address and be added to the waitlist.

Private sessions


Private sessions help drill into the personal background you bring to class, helping you transfer the lessons learned in sessions to your particular needs and goals.

Private sessions can be booked solo or in pairs. For more detailed discussions, longer sessions may be required.

Enquire to find out more or book a session, at your own home or in the studio.