It's one of my favourite times of the year, October/November, when I usually travel to Malaysia for annual Critical Alignment training. It's a shorter trip this time, but, as always, deeply worth it. This year's focus will be on developing more profound teaching and personal practice, digging into some of the nuances of the method. Worldview will be shifted once again, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, summer is coming in Tasmania, which means time to get out into the bush and play. This summer will be about going further on the trail running quest. I've taken a few months off after running a marathon in stealth mode (i.e. unsanctioned, only proof being my watch) out the back of kunanyi/Mt Wellington. I'm building toward longer distances, returning more strongly to Critical Alignment to resolve some of the muscle tension that might inhibit running longer distances healthfully.

In the meantime, daytime work is pumping. You can learn about the project to plan for the future based on firm understanding of Hobart's identity at the project website, Only in Hobart.

Masters research has been written up and submitted to a journal. Now the waiting game ...

As always, enjoying the wonderfully fulfilling company of friends in and out of class, and building a life with the bearded one.

Updated 29 October 2017.

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